Keep your toddler occupied with a fun match-3 puzzle. No ads. Toddler-proof timer to limit screen time. Tested on developer's own kids. Toddler game is designed for children from three years of age. Bright and colorful, the game attracts baby's attention. Chips are designed in such a way that children want to touch them. And it takes less than 5 minutes to explain the rules of the game to your toddler.
There is no advertising in the game - you buy a subscription. You can choose the duration of the game session, simply by clicking on the timer in the game menu.
There is no way the child would start playing on his own - to do this you must solve a simple equation and write down the answer to it in a special field.
This game is a single-player rogue-like card game. It's a kind of solitaire with 4 kinds of cards and dice.
The player acts as an adventurer who must pass through the dungeon, deal with the monsters guarding it, and fight the boss at the end.
The dungeon is a network of branching passages. The player chooses whether to go into the right or left passage - and, by that decision, chooses which of the next two monsters he will fight. The player also chooses whether the battle will occur physically or magically.
If the player wins a battle, he can choose one of the two treasures left after the battle.
When the player successfully passes through the dungeon, he gets to choose one new ability that improves his fighting skills. After that, he fights the dungeon boss.
Imagine yourself sitting by the fireplace, cozy and warm. Christmas is around the corner and almost everything is ready: gingerbread cookies along with hot chocolate on the table, snowflakes on the window, stockings full of presents, mistletoe flowers everywhere and of course the Christmas tree dressed in decorations of all kinds. But wait, there's something missing! Of course! E-cards for friends and loved ones! And that's where we can help you. We provide you the most relaxed e-card creation ever! Play our new match-3 game, complete quests and step by step assemble your own unique postcard and share it with anyone you like via any messenger or email!
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