Studio Technology Stack
  • Platforms: HTML5, Mobile, Desktop, VR, AR
  • Front-end: Unity, Defold, Corona SDK, Unreal Engine
  • Back-end: OpenResty, node.js, Photon, Go, PHP, C++
  • Databases: PostgreSQL, MySQL, Redis, MongoDB
Studio Technology Expertise
  • Technical Management: requirements management, business analytics, project management, account management...
  • Unity: scripting, textures, animation, GUI styles, 2D/3D games; mobile, desktop, VR...
  • Shaders: 2D and PBR, Particle FX and Camera; for complex visual effects (code in GLSL), animated FX. Mobile-friendly.
  • Defold: instant and mobile games.
  • Server: turn-based and real-time game servers, including 3D, highload.
Studio Art Expertise
  • 3D Software: 3ds Max, Maya, ZBrush
  • 2D Software: Substance Designer & Painter, Photoshop & After Effects
  • Game engines: Unity, Unreal Engine
Studio Art Stack
  • Art Direction: Supervising art teams, both inhouse and external.
  • Concepting: Development of look-and-feel of a project, UI/UX design
  • 2D: full art layout from basic sketching to full color artwork, texturing, material setup for CGI and real-time CG
  • 3D Modeling: Characters, Vehicles, Props and Environments, assembly in any game engine of a choice
  • Animation: Key-frame and MoCap
  • VFX: Complex full scale effects for CG, Motion design for real-time (particle FX and shader FX)
  • Video: game-trailers, 3D shorts, intros and outros, presentation video clips