Our team
Chief Executive Officer
Alexander Gladysh
Expertly builds and handles teams for complex IT projects, finding talent and getting it to deliver on time and budget
16+ years veteran: LogicEditor, GDTeam, Astrum Online, IT Territory, Step CG
Chief Creative Officer
Alexander Svanidze
Expertly manages art and graphics teams, delivering stunning yet performant visuals
13+ years veteran: Digital Legends, Pixonic, GLU Mobile, Step CG
Director of Development Engineering
Mikhail Nazarov
Expertly manages engineering teams, delivering robust and performant code on time
10+ years veteran: LogicEditor, GameInsight, GDTeam
Team Lead
Valery Belyaev
Wrote his first program in 1978 on PL-I for ES computers. Worked in Rostelecom as a lead programmer to develop support for internal projects. 6 years experience in gamedev and Unity3d. Excellent mathematical background. Good knowledge of network interactions (Photon).
Team Lead
Vladimir Dubrovsky
Companies: Yohoho Games, Uroboros Games, Tamashi Games
Projects: Save the Penguins, Santa's Puzzle Cards, Enterprise Computer Tomography VR app
Technology stack: Unity3d, Unreal Engine,C++,C#, php, python, sql databases
Project Manager
Alexey Osipenko
Expert in document writing and feature creating, leading game-designer and project manager. 13+ years veteran: Tamashi Games, Evolution games, GDTeam, CyberCrew, Astrum Online, IT-Territory.
Team Lead
Konstantin Vladimirov
Programming, art, management, support, operating complex projects.
Offices: StepCG, Citadel Media
Projects: Inhabited Island, LastWorld, Black Eagle 1-2, Admiral, Hippodrome, Squadron
The developer of the best social game according to the conference FlashGamm
A veteran with more than fourteen years of experience.